There’s Never Enough Time…

Mitch Schneider
January 16, 2020

There’s never enough time. As in, there’s never enough time to do things right! But always enough time to do them over!

I know this to be true! I just spent two hours watching the installation trainer for a company we contracted clean up and repair the work his installer ‘completed’ a week ago.

Think about that for a moment. The company he worked for was paying him to clean up and complete the work that had already been contracted. Two hours of the installation trainer’s salary subtracted from whatever profit might have been associated with the original contract. Two hours of disappointment: two hours of lost time and profit.

To compound the failure there was never any attempt to salvage the relationship. No attempt to contact us or communicate any sense of remorse.

I worked in service my entire life and understand that bad things can happen regardless of how hard you work to ensure they don’t. During those years, I figured out just how easy it is to salvage a relationship in danger if that’s what you want to do. All it takes is four ‘A’s!’

Four A’s

That’s right! All it takes is AAAA: ACKNOWLEDGE — Acknowledge what went wrong. Let the other person know that you know there was a problem. Tell them you understand why they are disappointed or distraught. ACCEPT — Accept responsibility for what went wrong even if you weren’t responsible for the act itself. APOLOGIZE — Let the injured party know you’re sorry it happened. And, clearly communicate that you will work hard to see that it won’t happen again. And, finally, ACT — Do whatever you have to make things right!

This is as true for personal interactions as it is in business. Both, the four A’s and the danger in rushing through a circumstance or situation. Keep one front of mind and you’re likely to avoid a problem. Focus on the other and you will be able to salvage an otherwise untenable situation.

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