Tom Hanks & 3 Things…

Mitch Schneider
January 8, 2020

I just finished tonight’s video centered on three things Hanks shared during his acceptance speech at the Golden Globe Awards the other night. It centered on something a director told Hanks and several other actors who were interning at the time.

I don’t know why we aggregate things in three’s. My hunch is it’s because that’s the number of concepts we’re able to work with —  plus or minus one or two more — depending upon how complicated they might be. Or, it could be that we’re just plain lazy and don’t want to track any more than three things. In any case, the director’s three things were elegantly simple. Elegantly simple and almost guaranteed to produce success insofar as work and career are concerned.

Three Things

The first was be on time. Be sure you are ready when called upon. That means being ready before you are called upon, which goes directly to the heart of the second item on the director’s list. That is: Know your text. And, demanding that you know your lines is just a polite way of saying that you need to be prepared. That you understand what you’re being called upon to do and have done the work required to ensure you will be able to do it!

The third thing was a little more esoteric. It was, “bring lots of ideas” to whatever it is you’ll be doing. Bring your experience and your imagination. Share them no matter how foolish they may seem and despite the fact they might not be used or even accepted.

These three things are all subtext for a greater component of success. That is: Be prepared to do the work, something that will demand these three items and more.

These three things will serve you well. If you don’t believe me, just ask Tom Hanks.

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