Try it… You’ll like it!

Mitch Schneider
October 15, 2019

Try it… You’ll like it! It’s good for your head!

No, really! It is…

Carving a few minutes out of a busy life for yourself is important in and of itself. It says, “Hey! I’m worth these few minutes!” And, that’s plenty. It’s plenty because there are too many things and too many people who will try to rob you of that time. Too many great reasons to address the needs of others before seeing to your own wellbeing.

This is where you say to yourself, “He’s not talking about me, is he?” The answer is, “You bet I am!”

The real question is, “What have you done for you lately?” What did you do for yourself despite the overwhelming belief it might be considered selfish? Perhaps, more importantly, what didn’t you do that you probably should have done, instead of gifting that time to someone else’s needs or some other project.

That time. The time to center. The time to regroup is just as critical to your mental health as it is to your physical health. But, you’re smart. You already know that.

I dedicated an hour to my yoga practice this morning. I’ll dedicate another to Tai Chi this evening and I’ll dedicate the time to both multiple times this week. I not only need to, I have to and I don’t really have to; I want to, and you should too.

So, make the time. Put it on your calendar. Pretend your doctor prescribed it! They probably should. Pretend it’s time scheduled for something else: for someone else!

And, then, try it… You’re bound to like it!


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