Virtual is the New Real…

Mitch Schneider
March 24, 2020

I know that suggesting virtual is the new real sounds odd. It’s an oxymoron of sorts, after all. Isn’t it?

Nevertheless, whether we recognize or not, it is the reality of the moment. Our new ‘normal.’

As in every reality shift I’ve ever experienced, some people are able to accept and adjust more quickly than others. And, by doing so — by simply finding ways to improvise, adapt, and overcome — they are able to capture the moment.

I am celebrating something our son Ryan has done by wearing my Good Wolf Coaching cap. Something that reflects the kind of early awareness I’m talking about. Especially, with regard to social distancing and ‘hunkering down’ in place. The kind of early awareness that recognizes the call for physical isolation isn’t a demand for social or cultural isolation.

Physical Distancing, Not Social Isolation

Ryan has organized virtual training rides with is clients utilizing Zoom and Zwift — endurance athletes who are used to constant training — to keep them fit. More than that, Ryan has opened these rides to anyone who would like to join realizing where we are with regard to Covid-19.

My appointments at the City of Hope have shifted to telemedicine. Having my blood work done at a local lab with a scheduled virtual appointment to follow. I just wish I could have my one-year bone marrow biopsy done virtually!

The question is what is life going to look like after the Covid-19/coronavirus health crisis subsides and life goes back to normal. What is that normal going to look like after we’ve become less anxious about this a new, virtual reality?

Will we miss the savings of a more expedient, more convenient way of interacting with one another? How much more appealing will this virtual reality seem once we’ve adjusted to it. Once we’ve accepted it and become comfortable with it.

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