What Do I Have To Do…

Mitch Schneider
March 20, 2020

I’m fascinated by the turn of events that often results in one of these blogs. Often times, more surprised than fascinated.

Today was no exception. In fact, it may have been the perfect example of how an off-hand remark can grow into the subject of a ten-minute video. In this case, the subject was our current reality: Covid-19, and how we get through it.

It was the result of my response to a “What do we have to do to survive the virus?” question. My answer provided the heart of today’s blog and the subject matter for a future webinar. (More about that at another time…)

My response was simple and yet, I believe, elegantly appropriate.

“This is the reality I’ve been presented with… How do I make it work (for me and those close to me)?”

I believe it says everything it needs to in order to approach something like the pandemic confronting all of us.

“This is the reality I’ve been presented with…” It isn’t the reality I’ve chosen. Nor, is it the reality I was searching for. I didn’t want it, and I certainly don’t need it. Nevertheless, it is the reality I am forced to confront.

I need to be aware of everything surrounding that reality. I need to educate myself about the virus, its consequences, and potential dangers. But, I don’t have to succumb to the psychological impact of those dangers or the dread associated with them.

What I have to do is find ways to make that reality work for me. Ways to remain whole and support my family. My clan. My tribe. So, when the present danger fades I am prepared to resume whatever normal existed prior to Covid-19.

That’s how I think I need to make it work. What will you need to do in order to achieve the same result?



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