What’s Missing?

Mitch Schneider
April 28, 2020

Sometimes it’s hard to tell. Mostly, because it isn’t there!

Unless it’s obvious, what you’re looking at seems complete. The ability to see something that isn’t there — Or, that others can’t or won’t see — is generally a sign of growth. Yours: personal, or professional. A combination of your increased knowledge and experience.

I just crashed into this concept while editing the first book in the series I’m repurposing to supplement Misfire.

The basic theme of what was to come — an exploration of leadership and management — was clear in the Preface and Introduction. So, what was missing? The inclusion of Coaching and its singular importance. That, and an explanation of why it deserves its own place in any serious discussion of small business operations.

A Great Resource!

The realization that coaching is a critical and necessary part of an organization’s success becomes obvious when you realize just how different the roles of Coach and Manager can be. This may be easier to recognize within the context of leadership and management.

A leader’s job is to figure out where the organization needs to go. It is centered on the organization’s Vision. A manager’s role is to figure out how to get there. It is focused on the organization’s Mission.

A coach’s purpose is to gently develop an individual’s strengths, talents, and abilities. To help the individuals they coach achieve more, go further, and accomplish goals and objectives they might never have considered possible on their own.

The Manager of a baseball team gets to decide who gets to play. Who would do the best job at any position? The Coach’s responsibility is to see whoever that is, plays at the highest level they are capable of.

Including coaching in the supplement ensures it will be the best I am capable of.

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