When in Doubt… Don’t!

Mitch Schneider
October 22, 2020

There is no secret to writing. No secret to recording a blog either.

If there is a secret, that’s it.

The easiest way to get started is to get started. The easiest way to write is to begin writing! Of course, that presupposes you have something to say. Something worthy of another’s time and attention. The only problem is you will never know that until you finish, and you’ll never finish until you begin.

The insecurity of not knowing can be profound. Crippling, in fact.

The power of what Steven Pressfield calls the Resistance: Seth Godin’s, the Lizard Brain, is immeasurable. The amygdala is ancient. Earlier even than conscious thought and even though its purpose is to protect us, it will all too often serve to stifle our ability to communicate and connect. The very opposite of what communication and connection are all about.

Simply knowing this isn’t enough, however. It takes all the D-words working in harmony: determination, dedication, discipline, drive, and desire, to overcome the Resistance. To harness the courage to accomplish anything worth achieving.


It takes all the D-words (Misfire: What to Do When Things Aren’t Running on All Cylinders, Chapter 28) to overcome the fear of success—Yes! The fear of SUCCESS! Which is far more powerful than the fear of failure—to achieve anything of consequence in life or business. Whether for you or anyone else…

It is this constant battle between desire—the need to share—and, despair—the terror of ridicule and rejection—that intrigues me so. That constantly drives me to push through the fear and anxiety to ship. To put yourself out there. Especially, when that is the last thing any rational, reasonable, human would choose to do.

It’s what compels me to keep attacking this space despite the noise in my head screaming this is enough.


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