Who Is That Masked Man…

Mitch Schneider
February 28, 2020

I was hijacked by one of the early morning news shows as I walked to the kitchen this morning. The segment’s focus was Covid-19, the coronavirus.

The doctor was talking about respiratory masks and contamination. She contended that for most people, the masks are superfluous. Designed to protect other members of the population from us. From infections we may be carrying. That wearing a mask to protect yourself is only necessary when you are immunocompromised and need to guard against cross-contamination and illnesses spread by the general population.

That sounds great! But, it isn’t especially reassuring when you are 100% immunocompromised in the midst of what appears to be a global pandemic. Remember, “just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you!”

That’s what I was thinking about as Lesley and I were walking just before lunch. More walking. More stuff to think about.

I was thinking about how both Lesley and I have become germophobes. Constantly washing our hands, disinfecting any surfaces, and exercising great care in choosing where we are going and who we are likely to be with. I’m not sure it makes sense to be any other way. Especially, in light of Covid-19 and how fast the virus appears to be spreading.

I’ve been teasing everyone about wearing a mask and gloves ever since I was released from the City of Hope, suggesting that I’m just waiting for the bank to open. But, that isn’t the case. Is it?

I’m wearing gloves and a mask to protect myself from exposure and the possibility of contamination. And, despite what the doctor said this morning, my guess is it would probably be wise for just about everyone else to do the same!


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