Wishing Yourself Well

Mitch Schneider
September 9, 2019

Today’s message is simple. It has to do with wishing yourself well.

But, like all things, while it may be simple in concept, it can turn out to be anything but in execution and implementation!

It revolves around the important role each of us must play in the responsibility we have for our own wellness. And, while it’s true that you can’t simply wish yourself well —If you could, everyone would, and no one would find themselves suffering with a chronic or debilitating illness — there is an important role each of us can play when it comes to wellness and recovery.

It goes beyond simply saying that: Today is going to be a good day! And has to do with the hard work necessary to ensure that your day does, in fact, turn out to be as good as you mean for it to be when you open your eyes each morning.

It has to do with diet and exercise, mindfulness and meditation, and your commitment to getting well and staying well.

Until tomorrow, stay well and take care…


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