You Can’t Get There from Here…

Mitch Schneider
July 16, 2021

You can probably file this under Variations on a Central Theme. Conventional Wisdom that may not be all that conventional nor all that wise.

Things you’ve heard before, perhaps too often. Things like, “You can’t there from here!” Which is a polite way of shutting you down before you’ve even had the chance to try. Too many times this negative trope originates with someone you know. Someone you trust. The problem is the back-story. The history that led to their assessment of your journey.

I would like to do X, Y, or Z. Each is challenging. Perhaps even impossible. You just don’t know.

Each journey toward your objective is fraught with obstacles and challenges that would cause anyone you know to pause and back away. Nevertheless, the reward more than justifies the risk. At least, it does to you. So, you seek counsel from a colleague or friend who frowns, shakes their head, and suggests you can’t get there from here. That trying would be foolish. Harmful. Perhaps, even self-destructive.

The problem is that advice is a projection of that other person’s experience. Their willingness to tolerate risk. Or their reluctance. Not yours. In all honesty, they have no idea how to get to where you’re headed because the statistical probability is they’ve never been there before. Chances are they never tried! Nor would they.

Successful people do what those who have not yet achieved success are unable or unwilling to do. They go where normal people don’t go. Won’t go.

So, surround yourself with folks who have done what you want and need to do. Individuals who have already gone where your dreams are pointing you. Look for those who won’t tell you why you can’t. But instead, are anxious to tell you how they did!


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